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Automate and monitor your indoor grow operation with a custom system built by SonexElectronx. We can build a system to accommodate any style of grow, from drip irrigation to the fanciest aeroponics setup. Imagine controlling every facet of your grow and monitoring real-time sensors from the convenience of your free, custom-built mobile app, at a fraction of the price charged by others.


​​Our systems are all custom designed and 3D-printed to customer specifications. We excel in maintaining close, ongoing relationships with customers and experts in cultivation technology, including academicians, as a means of continually refining our systems.


Click on the "View Devices" link to view some examples of our work, and then book a complimentary consultation today to discuss your needs and budget.  We can work within any scale and budget constraints. 


The hub-and-spoke system architecture of our system is a thin client design that links to a "master controller" gateway device for connecting through the Internet to your custom-built mobile app.  The app is free with the purchase of any device. 


The gateway handles the relatively compute-intensive tasks of network security and pre-processing of grow telemetry as well as all the protocols associated with communicating with the app. The gateway also handles the configuration and management of the individual devices in your local network, based both your instructions and responses to local data.  Individual devices, such as ambient air, infrared leaf temperature, and CO2 ppm sensors, electrical receptacles, and nutrient dosers are able to exchange information and exercise control peer-to-peer within your local network.  In a cellular connectivity configuration, all data is fed to the app server through the Master Controller by LAN cable.  In a WiFi configuration, all data is fed to the app server through your local Internet network by 2.4 GHz.



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