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Founded in 2020, SonexElectronx is a partnership of medicinal growers, computer scientists, 3D-printing technicians, and horticultural experts throughout Southeast Michigan.  We excel in maintaining close, ongoing relationships with customers and experts in cultivation technology, including academicians, as a means of continually refining our systems.

Our devices are all 3D-printed and programmed in-house.  While our devices might not be the "prettiest," this delivery model allows us to implement modifications and customized hardware and software add-ons at lightning speed for any indoor grow.

Our customers are typically innovators, tinkerers, and enthusiast "DIY-ers."  We enjoy experimenting with them on new horticultural methods and telemetry metrics.  Informed and advised by them, we are currently developing a plug-and-play device for diagnosing plant deficiencies in real-time by analyzing leaf discoloration or disfigurement through machine learning algorithms using crowd-sourced imagery.

We urge you to book a complimentary consultation today to discuss your needs and budget.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Birmingham, Michigan



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